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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let Freedom Ring....

Next to Christmas I love the fourth of July.  I love everything about it..... the food, BBQs, swimming, the weather, the music, the fun outfits you can wear (haha), the fireworks, the endless amounts of activities you can do, and most of all being with friends and family!  I am quite obsessed.  Growing up my family has always done a big fourth of July party in the backyard.  My parents live on a golf course (just recently turned into a bunch of weeds :( sad day) but after BBQing and swimming all day we would get our dessert and go sit out on the golf course and watch the fireworks from Corona High School, where me and my brothers all went to high school.  It was so much and always one of my favorite childhood memories.  Well, after moving to Utah a few years back I fell in love with all the fun Utah has to offer for the fourth.  Especially Stadium of  Fire.  I was kinda bummed we weren't going to be there this year for it, but we made some fun plans in California and had a Party at my parents house once again.  My whole family and so many family friends came.  We went to the Corona parade in the morning, swam and BBQed in the afternoon, and went to the biggest park in Corona where they do an awesome firework show.  It turned out to be so fun and a great day.  Walker enjoyed the fireworks and loved swimming and playing, but nothing compared to how much he loved the parade haha. Happy Fourth of July!!!

PS the pics are out of order.  Does anyone know how to fix that when your uploading them?? thanks

My cute boys at the parade

I still cant believe I am married WITH a baby.  Its so fun!!


Its been so fun playing with my childhood friend Sammy and her cute little guy.

Some of the Walker fam at the parade

Of course we got donuts!!!

HIs new thing.... it seriously cracks us up.  he literally says, "where did da dog go?" all one word and with his hand up and face concerned.  its hilarious and so cute

Five Grandchildren under the age of 3.  Arent my parents so lucky?!?!

Tell me he isnt the cutest!!!! UGH!!!!!

Firework show

Most of the gang is in this pic ( I guess Grammie is dancing with the babes haha)

Precious..... best buds!


  1. How fun! You guys are too cute! I love your outfit!

  2. Walker is killing me in those red high top converse! Too cute. You are too beautiful Jewls!