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Sunday, June 24, 2012

He is getting too big :(

Since we have been in California Walker has changed sooo much! Everyday I see something new from him and it is so fun to watch.  So glad my parents are here to see all these fun changes in him.  He got his first fat lip (by falling down at Cold Stone for Addisons 2nd Birthday) and his daddy cut off his rattail/mullet thing.....ya Brandon wanted to not me! His talking and eating are out of control.  He loves the swimming pool, loves being outside, is obsessed with pushing anything around like brooms, trash cans, swiffers, shovels, etc.... he loves ice cream cones, and talking, talking, talking.  He now says so many funny things and copies everything we do.
He says.....
"nanana" - banana
"sue" - shoes
"gogurt" - yogurt
"bye" (while waving)
"see ya"
"cacka" - cracker
"waaaaa" - water
"caaaaar" - car
"dawg" - dog, he really does say it like that spelling and then barks twice haha
"nigh nigh"
and a whole bunch of jibber jabber all the time!!!

:( poor bubbs

isn't it awesome?!?!? haha

did such a good job being still

Grammie and Grampie spoil him all the time with treats!

I could eat him!!! he is the cutest!
I can't believe he is almost 17 months.  time really does go so fast.  He makes me so happy and I can't wait to get him every morning.  One of the happiest little dudes I know.  I love you Walker babe!!

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