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Monday, October 22, 2012

Summer Fun... Fall Already?!?!

Well what do you know..... This blog thing I may not be good at but at least I remember sometimes right? I honestly cant believe it is Fall here in Utah, not to mention almost Halloween!!!!! I do love Fall here and I have to say it is the most beautiful time of year here! The colors are unreal right now.  But anyways, Im blogging about our unforgettable Summer.  We were on cloud nine.  We have lived away from family the whole time we have been married (minus Cory and Kels, but they are our best friends so it was a plus).  In the last year Brandons parents moved up here and it has been fun to have them close by.  When we see my family its never for a long period of time so its not that bad leaving.  We of course miss them, but its one of those things that we don't really know any different.  Until we spent all summer long with them.  My parents have the kind of house everyone is always at.  The best kind of house right? So fun! Brandon did his internship in OC and we stayed with my parents.  We had so much fun.... visiting friends, spending time with cousins, sea world, beach, exploring the state we both grew up in and never really did much but stay in our town, yummy eating, shopping, swimming swimming swimming, and what I loved most is having brandon home around 3 and him being so happy doing what he loves.... Construction!  I have always been undecided or didn't really care where we ended up.  Part of me never wants to leave Utah.... I love the seasons, how affordable it is, all the fun kids for Walker, and more low key then California.  Brandon has been all about starting his career in California which is fine, but I was ok with staying in Utah too.  Until our Summer happened and I saw how hard it was on all of us to leave after four months of bliss :( We see the light at the end of the tunnel :) We miss it everyday and are itching to get back there when Brandon graduates in April..... Fingers crossed!  Just some pics of our summer....

A fun getaway in SF with our favorite

a normal day.....ugh. perfect!

my cute beach babe

mothers day

He was this happy 24-7  made me so happy!

cute cousins

typical weekend..... breakfast at the beach

and a typical sunday.... church and family swim/bbq


  1. So fun! So jelous! Walker seriously has grown a foot! He is the cutest little thing! Sad you guys had to leave but glad to have you back!

  2. Move back, move back!

    I am in love with the new family photo you have at the top of your blog. Dying to see more!

  3. Seriously... what a dream!!! Let's move there. I will if you will.
    Love the blog update and love love love the picture at the top! Nice work! xoxo